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Galactic Goddess Reading

Get to know your divine feminine energies: Juno, Ceres, Athena and Vesta

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Service Description

Are you feeling called... to TAP IN to your super powers. to TUNE IN to your healing magic. and to TURN ON your inner Galactic Goddess. The Myths of the Galactic Goddesses represent the life-force energy that lives with each of us, regardless of our gender association. Through the sacred laws of duality, they invite and initiate higher levels of consciousness. The Galactic Goddess stories represent things we collectively value and continuously seek in our daily lives: love, protection, creativity, power, manifestation, and reinvention. There is so much to learn from their greatest adventures, from their fearless courage and from their own self-sacrifice in order to shine light on the darkness in order to experience deep healing and transformation. Connecting the myths and archetypes of the Goddesses alongside your astrology natal chart (and with a little intuitiveness, faith and magic), allow for your own personal divine feminine energies to help guide you, empower you and transform your everyday life. During your Galactic Goddess reading, you will meet one or more of the four major Goddess Asteroids: Ceres, Juno, Pallas and Vesta. To help you further develop your nurturing capacity, self healing techniques, discover your hidden genius and enjoy radical self-celebration we will uncover the areas of your life that are uniquely and divinely supported by the unwavering energies of transformation, healing and growth. During your one hour Galactic Goddess reading we will: - You will learn about the asteroid Goddesses and how their story relates to yours. - You will learn to accept what you’ve been through and start your journey of transforming into the Goddess that you are! - You will learn about the darker side of the Goddesses (aspects of you) and how to work through it so that you are free from societal conditioning. - You will learn where your intelligence shines and how to be unapologetic about it. - You’ll feel seen for your pain and beauty and encouraged to rise to your fullest potential. - You will learn to dance with the duality of your personal divine masculine energies with your personal divine feminine energies. THIS IS YOUR CALL, to honor the divine feminine within you; after all you are the descendent of these Legendary Ladies; our collective mothers. PAY WHAT YOU WANT for this service offering: VENMO: @BRITONIB

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