Through Energy Healing, we bring about balance and harmony to your energy system; healing your physical, mental and emotional well being.

Moon Ceremonies


By flowing with the moon, you dive into the depths of all that is you, and learn how to work in flow with your gifts, your talents and Soul's purpose.



Through Oracle & Tarot card readings, we are able to tap into and bring forward your Soul's intuitive knowing and translate it into clear and tangible guidance.

La Luna Ohana


La Luna Ohana Moons.png

La Luna Ohana membership has been created with the intention for you to deepen your connection with your Soul, tap into your spiritual gifts and connect to the powerful energies of the Moon. You will feel at home and warmly embraced by your "moon family".  Our private Facebook group is a safe space for you to explore your gifts, connect with your Soul Family and build your confidence so that you can show up and share your uniqueness with the world!

You will learn from leading Spiritual Gurus about how to develop and embrace your own daily spiritual practice, that will help you navigate life with ease and grace. Each month we will be covering a new Spiritual topic that is designed to help you uncover your natural hidden talents and to awaken your Soul

We will also be aligning with the cosmic energy that is manifesting in the skies and moving through our Souls whilst diving deep into ourselves to heal, release, align and manifest our destiny. Our beautiful La Luna is always bringing us what we need, and by aligning our energies with hers, something magical starts happening.

La Luna Ohana is Not accepting

any New Members at this time

Please thoughtfully consider joining our waitlist!  We will notify you as soon as the next portal opens up.