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Legendary Lady of Limitless {LOVE}

🕯️Spirit KEEPER of LIGHT 💞 Spirit LIFTER of HE{ARTS} 🌈 Spirit WARRIOR of DRE{i}AMs

When we allow ourselves to create for the hell of it, all of our “problems” are magically solved. Creating embodied expressions of limitless {LOVE} through art, dance, music and story is what creates the authentic connection with ourselves and others. 

After a Near Death Experience and while healing from a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, Britoni intuitively tapped into her inner artist. Learning over a decade later, the impact that painting had in her creative healing and remarkable recovery process.   

Today, Britoni invites you to CRE{ART} from your HE{ART}. 

Britoni safely holds a dream to inspire your inner flame to SHINE so fucking bright that you sparkle, from the inside out; whilst rippling {LOVE}, for yourself and others, out into the world. 

And this, my friend, is when you know you are experiencing Post-Traumatic Growth!    

Call on Britoni B when you want to create your own world of happiness. 
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