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Tarot Reader

As someone who has been on a spiritual journey for the better half of my life, I have noticed that every person’s journey is completely unique; however, we all tend to start in a similar place, asking ourselves what the true meaning of life is.


I personally have struggled with this for years, until I decided to stop thinking and start listening, listening to that inner voice that finally had room to present itself.


When I started doing inner work, one of the first avenues I found myself on was the metaphysical, primarily tarot cards. I would ask others for readings, and recognized that everyone had their own approach, some harder to digest than others.


I decided to take it upon myself to offer the readings I have always wanted, something more personable that provided clarity and also advice.


Many see tarot as a “fortune telling” device, however, I see it as a mirror to one’s soul, a tool to help others elevate the capacity of their inner work, and even reveal issues beneath the surface of our more obvious issues.